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Data Privacy Policy

In order to provide our customers with convenient access to the right products and services
by using customer information. We also understand that our customers have important
expectations regarding the use of that information.
We take concern that safeguarding customer information is a serious matter. That is China-
Hong Kong Link Securities Company Limited (“CHKLS”) have set forth the following
principles to affirm our long-standing commitment to confidentiality:
• Every now and then, it is necessary for customers who are individuals to supply
CHKLS with correct and updated data which are personal data (“Data”) for the
purposes of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the laws of Hong
Kong). The purposes for which Data (and other information) relating to customers
may be used are as follows:)
➢ the daily operation of the services and facilities provided to customers;
➢ ensuring customers’ ongoing credit worthiness;
➢ carrying credit checks;
➢ assisting other institutions to conduct credit checks;
➢ designing suitable financial services or related products for customers’
➢ marketing financial services or related products to customers;
➢ determining the amount of indebtedness owed to or by customers;
➢ complying the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements
of any law or regulations; and
➢ any purposes relating to any of the foregoing.
Data (and other information) held by CHKLS relating to customers will be kept
confidential but CHKLS may disclose, and it is a condition of CHKLS providing services,
products and information to customers that each customer consents to the disclosure of, all
Data (and other information) to:
➢ any officer, employee, agent, contractor or third party who provides administrative,
credit information, debt collection, telecommunications, computer, payment or other
services to CHKLS in connection with the operation of their business;
➢ any financial institution with which the customer has or proposes to have
➢ any other person under a duty of confidentiality to CHKLS including a company
within CHKLS which has undertaken to keep such information strictly confidential.
➢ regulatory authorities and other relevant government bodies;
➢ We would share information regarding customers among CHKLS only in
accordance with strict internal security standards and confidentiality policies and
with applicable law.
➢ We hold our employees fully accountable for adhering to those policies, standards
and laws.
➢ We do not share information about our customers with other companies except in
order to conduct our business, comply with applicable law, protect against fraud or
make available special offers of products and services that we feel may be of
interest and suitable to our customers. We may also provide information to
regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable
➢ We have established high standards for protecting information regarding our
customers from unauthorized alteration or destruction.
CHKLS may, in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and any other
applicable law:
➢ match, compare or exchange any Data or other information provided by, or in respect
of, a customer with Data (or other information) held by CHKLS or any other person
for the purpose of:
◼ check creditability;
◼ Data (and other information) verification;
◼ otherwise producing or verifying Data (and other information) which may
be used for the purpose of taking adverse action against the customer or
any other person at any time;
◼ submit such Data (and other information) to any place outside Hong Kong
(whether for the processing, holding or use of such Data (and other
information) outside Hong Kong).
➢ Each customer, under and in accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy)
Ordinance, own a right to:
◼ check whether CHKLS hold Data about the customer and the right of
access to such Data;
◼ require CHKLS to correct any Data relating to the customer which is
inaccurate; and
◼ ascertain CHKLS’s policies and practices in relation to Data and to be
informed of the kind of personal data relating to the customer held by
➢ Request for access and/or correct any data that customer has submitted shall be e-mail
to settlement@chinahkls.com or the following address: –
China-Hong Kong Link Securities Company Limited
19/F., 80 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Attn: Customer Services Department
Or phone call to 852-3899 3100
➢ .
◼ In accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, CHKLS has
the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any Data access request.
◼ At CHKLS, information regarding our customers is used solely in the legitimate
purpose of our business, to deliver excellent service and to design products and
special offers that demonstrate


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本網站提供的數據或資訊,或經第三方提供之內容僅洪參考用途,中港通證券有限公司不會承擔因使用全部或部份內容所產生的或因依賴該資料或推介建議而引致的任何損失及任何法律責任。 所有投資涉及風險,過往表現並不反映未來表現。證券價格可升可跌,甚至變成毫無價值。投資者應就本身的投資經驗、投資目標、財政資源,風險承擔能力及其他相關條件,小心衡量自己是否適合參與任何投資項目。投資者應確保完全理解有關的投資性質及相關風險,並願意承擔這種風險。當投資者在進行交易或投資中所涉及之性質、風險及適合性的任何方面有不確定或不明白的地方,閣下應尋求獨立的專業意見。


中港通證券有限公司(“中港通證券“)之個人資料私隱政策 中港通證券一直致力為客戶提供最優質之服務。 要求有效達到此宗旨,其中一個途徑就是運用客戶的資料,為客戶提供最方便的途徑,獲得合適的產品和服務,我們亦明白到客戶對於其個人資料、私隱的使用非常關注。 我們一直嚴緊維護客戶資料並以此作為須嚴肅處理的事項。因此,中港通證券訂立了以下守則,矢志承諾對客戶的資料保密: • 無論任何時候,個人名義的客戶均需要向中港通證券提供個人資料(「資料」),以作個人資料(私隱)條例(《香港法例》第486章)下之用途。有關客戶的資料(或其他資料)可能用於以下用途: ➢ 向客戶提供之服務及設施之日常運作; ➢ 確保客戶的信用維持良好; ➢ 進行信貸審查; ➢ 協助其他機構進行信貸審查; ➢ 設計供客戶使用之金融服務或相關產品; ➢ 向客戶推廣金融服務及相關產品; ➢ 釐定拖欠客戶或客戶拖欠之債務金額; ➢ 根據任何法例或規例之規定,符合作出披露之要求;及 ➢ 與任何前述部份有關之任何用途。 ➢ 中港通證券持有之客戶有關的個人資料(及其他資料)將會保密,但中港通證券可向以下人士披露所有資料(及其他資料),而客戶同意披露所有資料(及其他資料)亦是中港通證券向客戶提供服務、產品及資料之條件: ➢ 任何向中港通證券提供有關其業務運作之行政、信貸資料、債務追討、電訊、電腦、繳款或其他服務之高級職員、僱員、代理、承包商或第三者; ➢ 客戶已有或擬與之進行交易之任何金融機構; ➢ 監管當局及其他有關政府機構; ➢ 任何有責任為中港通證券保密之其他人士,包括中港通證券以內承諾保持此等資料機密之公司。 ➢ 中港通證券內公司之間對客戶之資料使用,須依據嚴格之內部安全標準、保密政策及適用法律。
➢ 我們管控本公司僱員完全遵守該等標準、政策及法律。 ➢ 除為了進行業務、遵守適用法律、保護免受欺詐或作出我們認為可能符合客戶利益之產品及服務優惠外,我們不會將有關客戶的資料分發予其他公司。我們亦可依據適用法律向監管當局及執法人員提供資料。 ➢ 我們訂立了極高標準,以保護客戶的資料免受未經授權之更改或破壞。 ➢ 中港通證券可依據個人資料(私隱)條例及其他適用法律進行以下活動: ➢ 將客戶提供或有關客戶之任何資料或其他資料,與中港通證券或任何其他人士持有之資料(或其他資料)進行配對、比較或交換,以作以下用途: ◼ 信貸審查; ◼ 資料(或其他資料)核對; ◼ 或,提出或核對資料(或其他資料),該等資料可能用於在任何時候採取對客戶或任何其他人士不利的行動; ◼ 將此等資料(或其他資料)交予香港以外任何地方[不論在香港以外處理、持有或使用此等資料[(或其他資料)]。 ➢ 根據及依據個人資料(私隱)條例之條款,每位客戶均有權: ◼ 檢查中港通證券是否持有有關客戶之資料,及是否有權使用此等資料; ◼ 要求中港通證券更改有關客戶之任何錯誤資料;及 ◼ 確定中港通證券有關資料之政策及做法,以及獲知中港通證券持有有關客戶之個人資料種類。 ➢ 查閱及/或改正客戶所提交之任何資料的要求送交 settlement@chinahkls.com 或郵寄以下地址: 中港通證券有限公司 香港灣仔告士打道80號19樓 致:客戶服務部 或致電: 852 3899-3100 ➢ 依據個人資料(私隱)條例之條款,中港通證券有權就處理任何資料索取查閱之申請收取合理費用。 ➢ 在中港通證券,有關客戶之資料只會用於進行本身業務的合法用途,以提供優質服務,及進行合適產品設計及優惠,從而顯示我們明白客戶及其需要。 ➢ 隨著我們會在新科技年代進一步發展新產品和服務,我們會繼續竭力確保客戶的資料會被正確使用及受到適當保護。